Wednesday, March 9, 2011

One of my Technical Communication classmates

One of my Technical Communication classmates who has the most interesting character is Ahmad Faiz bin Abdul Hamid. The interesting person? Of course he is very interesting for me. He is the first person that I recognized in UniKL MICET. For me, he is unpredictable person. I cannot predict his character because he always change his character. During MSR2010, he was chosen to become our leader. How was chosen? He acts on the stage with his own unique style. That is why the facilitator chose him as our leader. His hair are very interesting . He kept his hair long and stylo. Most of the lecturer called him as Einstein . His hair is likely same as the Einstein’ s hair look. He also always make the class become cheerful with his character. He is very genius like Einstein I think. This is why for me he is the most interesting character.

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